Software architecture, design and development acronyms

Principles SOLID – single responsibility (SRP), open-closed (OCP), Liskov substitution (LSP), interface segregation (ISP) and dependency inversion (DIP); DRY\WET – don’t repeat yourself \ Write everything twice; KISS – Keep it simple, stupid; YAGNI – You aren’t gonna need it; BDUF\RDUF – Big\Rough Design Up Front; SPOT\SSOT – Single point\source of truth; GRASP – General

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Skype Ads Killer 2.0

I uploaded new version 2.0 of SkypeAdsKiller (see description of this application in previous post). In short, it hides Skype Ad without installation and editing any files. You can get it here: skypeAdKiller.exe Difference from previous version: Previous version simply removes ad and leaves black bar instead of it. Version 2.0 resizes controls of skype

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Hardcore Skype Ads Killer

How to kill Skype ads (again) Pleviously I posted how to remove ads in skype by modifying ‘hosts’ file. But it looks like the Evil Empire employed more ad-networks with theirs CDNs. So it will be difficult to block all IPs. But there is a solution! I created small application which roughly kills ad-banner in

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How to make Skype bigger and wider

Sometimes Skype has issues with font size and width of content of chat window in full screen mode. On Full-HD monotors Skype fonts in chat window are very small and unfortuanately, Skype does not allow changing font size by CTRL+Mouse (as in browsers).

Ubuntu VPS. First things to do

My notes on configuring new VPS (Virtual Private Server) running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

How to block or remove annoying things

I’ll quickly tell you: * how to block ads in Skype; * how to surf the web without annoying ads (block ads in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera); * and how to hide blocking dialogs of some sites;

How to return document from MongoDB to browser via MVC controller

Here I’ll show how to return correct JSON from ASP.NET MVC controller when data is stored inside MongoDB and controller does not know about document type. The code is quite simple, here it is:

Comparison of most popular NoSQL Database Management Systems

NoSQL Database Systems are an alternative to the mainstream Relational DBMS. They don’t use a relational data model and typically have no SQL interface. NoSQL systems are a heterogenous group of very different database systems. Therefore each attempt for a classification fails in classifying one or another system. However, the following categegories are well accepted:

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How to Perform Full Rolling Outer Join of CSV Files

How to perform full outer join of CSV files In SQL Join is a mean for combining rows from two or more tables. There are different types of that Join operation: Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Full Outer Join, Cross Join… An outer join does not require each record in the two joined tables

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Separating output from standard streams (stdout and stderr)

When some application is run in Linux terminal and writes to stdout and stderr, then both outputs are mixed in terminal. How to split them? For instance, I created an application (called dukas-quotes) which connects to broker (Dukascopy – Swiss Forex Bank) and receives quotes from it. The application writes all diagnostic information into stderr

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